The Company

Air Mediterranean is a Greek Airline, intending to make Athens one of the most popular European Hubs.


In January 2017 Air Mediterranean obtained the Air Operator Certificate (AOC), under the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Regulation.

Air Mediterranean Airlines is the inspiration of investors, with aviation experience of more than 35 years, as they were the founders of many well established and awarded Airline companies around the world.

The good strategic location together with the shareholders’ common love for Greece was the occasion for Air Mediterranean to be established.


Is to cover the gaps between countries with poor or no connectivity, introduce new destinations to the markets and establish itself as The Leading Airline which links Europe with the rapidly expanding markets of Middle East and Africa using Athens as a Hub.


Is to provide safe journeys based on value for money philosophy and offer a true Mediterranean experience, while maintaining a profitable airline which will lead Air Mediterranean to further development.


The key elements that will lead us to success are our Values:

  • Safety
  • Client-centric attitude
  • Efficiency
  • Simplicity
  • Caring
  • Team & Win Spirit


A team of well experienced, qualified and dedicated aviation professionals ensure a combination of passengers’ safety, security, quality service and smooth operations.

Air Mediterranean. Flying Mediterranean Hospitality Around the World!

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Our Fleet

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Corporate Responsibility

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