Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate philosophy

At Air Mediterranean Corporate Responsibility stands at the epitome of our organization and the way we think, work, and function. Our corporate philosophy is actually quite simple: How can we go beyond what is required, and make a true difference.

We’ve taken several approaches on actively pursuing corporate responsibility including:

  • Promote safety and safety culture in every aspect of the organization and throughout the entire aviation community.
  • Promote a non-punitive safety culture, where feedback from all cornerstones of our operation are vital and hence, welcomed.
  • In every aspect of our operation, we must take into consideration and uphold with the utmost respect our local communities, the environment, our employees, our passengers, our suppliers, and the state authorities.
  • Supporting education and training of essential skills for working in the 21st century
  • Supporting our Hellenic heritage and promoting Greece’s invaluable culture at the very center of the essence of what it is to be “Mediterranean”.
  • The development of tourism
  • Assisting those in need
  • We continuously strive to develop our corporate responsibility program, as we aim to serve not only our passengers but the world around us.

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Our Fleet

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