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A rich history with a twist of modern urban flair

Amsterdam derives its name from the city’s origin as “Dam” of river “Amstel”. With its canals and massive harbour, the city offers plenty of opportunities to cruise around. So don’t hesitate to hop on a canal boat or ferry – after all, you’ll notice plenty of locals on boats.

Amsterdam is so much more than just a romantic idyll of canals and tulips. It is colourful and quirky. It is an energized metropolis, with a tolerant laidback atmosphere, an unrivalled beauty, a fascinating charm, a “gezellig” sense of cosiness, and a deep history which all seems to blend in perfect harmony.

Biking is a way of life here. It’s how “Amsterdammers” commute everywhere – to work, shopping, dinner, a night on the town etc. The city is compact enough for getting around comfortably on bike or strolling around. So if you want to do Amsterdam right, then head to one of the many bike rental shops, gear up, take a ride, and discover the city. Vondelpark, with its beauty and tranquillity, is perfect for exploring by bike.

The city is lined with 17th century buildings waiting to be admired by passersby. Head to the old medieval city center, laced by atmospheric lanes and quarters, known for its traditional architecture, canals, coffee shops, and charming shops. While many young people visit Amsterdam for the lenient and laidback scene, and perhaps the infamous Red Light District, the city is high cultured and waiting to be explored.

Head to the Noord (North) district to experience its creative vibe with its pulsating cultural scene and unique architecture.  Or head to P.C. Hooftstraat, the shopping street where you can find plenty of the contemporary, cutting-edge designs.

Amsterdam map