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Ancient meets modern

When you think of Athens, you immediately are reminded of the rich history of this Mediterranean metropolis. In Athens, past merges with present. The remains of antiquity can be seen everywhere.

The historic city centre is an open-air museum in itself, while the vibrant and sophisticated city bustles along with lively cafes, an abundance of pleasant tavernas and restaurants, plenty of shops and boutiques, a wide array of clubs and bouzoukia (dance clubs with live Greek music), cultural experiences compared to no other, and of course, the Mediterranean sea only a few kilometers away from the city centre.

Do not miss out on a light hike up to the magnificent Acropolis, rising up in the centre of it all above the sprawling city.  The view from there is unbeatable. With 360 degree views of the entire city, you can see just how far it spreads.

Visit the numerous cultural and historical museums showing millenniums of history. Or enjoy a stroll through the old city, then connect to the chic neighbourhood of Kolonaki with its stylish shopping and funky cafes and restaurants. And if you really want to liven things, you can visit the upbeat and trendy bars, clubs and restaurants in the city’s stylish Psiri or Gazi districts. Partygoers tend to keep going through until sunrise, so be ready for a fun-filled night.