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There are few tourist sights and activities in Hargeisa, but the experience of the lively city is sure to entertain visitors. It offers plenty of contradictions, like donkey-led carts jostling for road space versus 4WDs and battered minibuses, or clan elders taking it easy sipping on sweet Somali tea, while the youngsters watch international football at a modern café or update their social media pages at one of the city’s internet cafes. The locals are extremely friendly, so don’t be taken aback if they greet you in the streets – they are usually just interested in making sure you feel welcome and perhaps having a conversation.

It is worth visiting the market in the center of town, and perhaps experiencing the camel market just outside of town. And be sure to enjoy a cup of sweet Somali tea. There are also some interesting places to visit outside of Hargeisa, like Laas Gaal (a complex of caves and rock shelters that contain excellently preserved cave paintings) or see plenty of wildlife in the Sheikh and the Daallo mountains. (note: you will be required to take a government security guard with you (known as an “SPU”) when leaving Hargeisa)

Hargeisa map