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East meets West

Linking two continents, Istanbul proudly embraces both its European and Asian heritage, and blends them both into a unique combination. For Millennia, Istanbul has been one of Eurasia’s leading cities. Traditional minarets now rise above this great modern metropolis, overlooking the renowned enchanting Bosporus.

Istanbul has a deep history, and one can surely spend days on a non-stop cultural experience exploring this old, yet somehow quite new, city. It has more than 2000 mosques, many of them ancient. Be sure to visit the Sultanahmet Camii, also known as the “Blue Mosque” because of the white-and-blue tiles that adorn the cupola and the upper part of the walls. Or visit Yeni Cami – “The New Mosque” which has 66 domes and semi domes, and is an architectural treat for the eyes.

Hagia Sophia is another impressive sight to visit, where one can observe the influences of both the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. It first started out as an Orthodox basilica – for centuries a symbol of the Orthodox Church, then became a mosque, and is now a museum.

Istanbul map