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A site of convergence for pilgrims and traders

Jeddah is a major city in Saudi Arabia that sprawls along the coast of the Red Sea. It has been a port and trading city for centuries, which is reflected in its cosmopolitan mix of inhabitants.

As the country’s commercial capital, Jeddah is known for its shopping districts, restaurants and cafes. Enjoy a wide range of international cuisine and seafood, or head to the beach at the Jeddah Corniche with its cluster of hotels, restaurants, resorts, beaches, and upscale department stores and malls. Or enjoy the thrilling scuba experience that Jeddah has to offer just off its coast in the Red Sea. Make sure to also visit the King Fahd Fountain, which is not only the tallest water fountain in Saudi Arabia, but also the world.

Don’t forget Jeddah’s top sight Al-Balad, the heart of the old town. Here you’ll find historic buildings and traditional souqs (markets), and the coral houses and buildings that Jeddah is famous for. Spend time wandering around the old city and get lost in the seemingly endless souks.

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