Damaged / delayed Baggage

Damaged Baggage

In the case of damage to your checked baggage, we firstly apologize for any inconvenience such an occurrence may cause you.

In order to ensure proper processing of your claim, we request that if damage is immediately observed upon arrival, you report straight to the Air Mediterranean representative for Baggage Claims or Ground Staff at your destination. You will be asked to complete a damage report form. Kindly make sure to have the following items for your claim:

  • The baggage claim tag
  • Your boarding pass
  • Passport or official identification card
  • The damaged luggage item

In the case that damage has not been immediately observed, kindly contact our customer relations team who can assist with processing your claim [email protected]

Please note, however, that claims must be made within 7 (seven) days upon arrival at your destination airport, and sufficient evidence must be provided that the damage occurred during the passenger’s journey with Air Mediterranean, and while the baggage was under the care of Air Mediterranean.

We are not responsible for damage that:

  • Is superficial or external
  • Is due to over-packing
  • Is from water, rain or snow
  • Is caused by fragile or perishable items inside
  • Did not occur within the proven possession of Air Mediterranean

If you have travel or baggage insurance you may be able to claim the damage with your insurer accordingly. If you’d like us to provide a letter outlining the damage which you can pass onto your insurers please email [email protected]

Delayed/Missing Baggage

There are several potential reasons why your baggage could be delayed. Whatever the reason is, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience such an occurrence may cause you. We will most certainly make every effort to return your bag to you as soon as possible. Your patience and understanding is most appreciated.

We request that if you are unable to find your luggage upon arrival at your destination airport, please immediately proceed to Air Mediterranean’s Lost & Found / Baggage services representative in order to report the missing item. Our representative will work with you to make a claim, and will search for your missing luggage accordingly using our specialized system. You will receive a specific case file number, which we kindly request that you refer to when contacting us for your case.

Once we have found your baggage, we’ll arrange for it to be delivered to the address provided at a time that suits you*, or you are also able collect it in person from the airport, if preferred.

Air Mediterranean may reimburse you for some costs of replacement purchases of essential items in the case that your baggage arrives later than 24 hours after your arrival at destination, you are abroad and not located at your place of permanent residence. Expenses for toiletries, underwear and, if necessary, a change of clothes are reimbursable items. You must produce all of the receipts relating to these purchases. Maximum reimbursement is €28 Euros per day for up to 3 days (That’s a maximum of €84 Euros)

To make a claim for replacement purchases, please send the following items to our Customer Relations Department within 21 days of the original claim:

  • A brief written report summarizing your claim, including your file reference number, flight information, passengers’ names, and contact details
  • Original receipts for the purchased items
  • Baggage tags
  • Boarding Pass(es)

Send all claims to:

Air Mediterranean S.A.
Customer Service
140 Vouliagmenis Avenue, 16674, Glyfada, Athens – Greece
Email: [email protected]

If your baggage is still missing after five (5) days

In the unfortunate and unlikely event that the Lost & Found / Baggage services office at your destination airport is not able to locate your delayed baggage within five days, then our central baggage tracing department assumes control of your case.

Air Mediterranean S.A.
Central baggage tracing
140 Vouliagmenis Avenue, 16674, Glyfada, Athens – Greece
Email: [email protected]

If your baggage is not located within forty five (45) days

In the unfortunate event that we still have not located your baggage within forty – five (45) days, our Customer Relations Department will initiate the reimbursement process.

In general, you are responsible for all your baggage and personal belongings. The liability of airlines is regulated by law and limited accordingly. We recommend that you take out a baggage insurance if you are concerned for your belongings. In some cases, travel insurance also covers lost or damaged baggage.

Air Mediterranean assumes no liability for the loss of liquids, valuables or items such as, but not limited to, money, jewelry, silverware, negotiable papers, securities, computers, cameras, cellular phones, business documents, samples, paintings, antiques, artifacts, manuscripts, prescription drugs or irreplaceable books or publications. We recommend you carry such items on you or in your carry-on bags, if possible. We are not liable for breakable items in inappropriate packaging. Furthermore, Air Mediterranean is not liable for normal wear and tear (any scratches, dents, zipper drivers, etc.), manufacturing defects, and any damages occurred due to overfilled bags. Please check our Conditions of Carriage for more information.

Forgotten or mistakenly taken baggage

All passengers should personally retrieve their checked baggage.

In the event that you have forgotten to retrieve your baggage or you have taken other passenger’s baggage, you should immediately contact your airport of arrival or our Customer Service Department. In this case Air Mediterranean is not liable to cover any related expenses.

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