Passengers with Disabilities

At Air Mediterranean, our aspiration is to meet all our passengers needs with the highest standards of passenger care.

We are committed to ensure a comfortable and safe journey, including boarding, disembarkation, and movement through the airport.  Special assistance is available for all passengers with mobility issues, passengers with hearing/visual impairments or cognitive disabilities and for elderly passengers.

If you require assistance due to disability or medical condition, please contact our call center who can ensure that your booking notes your requirements and all arrangements for your needs will be in place for your journey. To allow sufficient time for proper arrangements, assistance should be requested as soon as you book your flight, or no later than 48 hours before departure. We also recommend you arrive to the airport of departure well in advance of your departure time in order to allow a smooth process through the airport and onto the aircraft.

Wheelchairs do not count towards baggage allowance limitations and are carried free of charge*. Additionally, if needed, we are able to provide you wheelchairs with an escort at the airport free of charge.

*Each special assistance passenger is able to bring two items of mobility equipment with them, free of charge, in addition to their checked baggage allowance.

These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Sports wheelchairs
  • Electric mobility aid
  • Walking frames**
  • Crutches**
  • Shower seat

If you have more than two pieces of mobility equipment, you will have to pay for the additional equipment as excess baggage.

In case you are travelling with your own wheelchair you must specify the following in order to obtain Air Mediterranean approval at least 24 hours before departure:

  • The type of wheelchair that will be presented for check-in (electric or manual, folding or not folding)
  • Its weight and complete dimensions when folded (length x width x height)
  • For electric wheelchairs, the nature of the batteries (dry, humid or lithium)

At most airports, you will be able to bring your mobility equipment up to the aircraft door. Please note, however, it may have to travel in the hold for the flight. It will then be waiting for you outside the aircraft door or in the baggage hall when you arrive at your destination. Please check larger/heavier mobility equipment during the check-in process.

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