Travelling with Infants and Children

Travelling with infants

Our staff is always happy to assist in any way that we can to ensure your journey with your littles ones is as pleasant, convenient and smooth as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact any member of our Ground staff or Cabin staff who are available to assist you. For any assistance pre-flight please don’t hesitate to contact our call center.

Travelling with infants

An infant is a person younger than 2 years, and who would not have turned 2 years old until after the end of the entire trip.

Please note the following:

  • Infants within the first 7 days after birth, may not be accepted. Please first contact our call center in such cases.
  • Any infant must be attended by an adult (more than 18 years old). This adult may hold the infant in his arms. A supplementary loop belt will be used for the infant.
  • When only one adult is travelling with more than one infant, an infant fare can be purchased for the 1st infant, while for the other infants a seat would be required and hence a NORMAL fare should be booked. For all infants with their own (booked) seats, a car seat (or alternative) is required.
  • In the case that it is preferred for the infant to have their own seat, then a NORMAL fare should be selected accordingly. In this case, the adult must carry the infant in a car seat (or alternative) which complies with international safety standards. The child seat should be secured into the aircraft seat using the aircraft seat belt, and the child seat should include safety straps for the infant.
  • Infants who turn 2 years old during the trip will require their own seat therefore a NORMAL fare must be booked from the start.
  • When travelling with an infant you’re allowed to take enough baby food and baby milk for the entire flight. In some cases this will be over 100ml but ensure to carry them in clear bag.
  • No free checked baggage allowance applies for infants.
  • For security reasons infants and their accompanying persons will not be allowed to seat near emergency exits.

Travelling with children

A child is a person between 2 to 12years old (up to 12th birthday)

  • Any child must be attended by an adult (more than 18 years old).
  • Children must travel in their own seat hence a NORMAL fare should be booked.
  • The free checked baggage allowance for children is one piece of maximum 23 kg.
  • Children meals (2 years and above) are available and must be ordered separately when you book your flight.
  • An adult may attend a group of children if he is not in charge of an infant.
  • For security reasons children and their accompanying persons will not be allowed to seat near emergency exits.

Whether travelling with an infant or child the following applies:

  • You are entitled to carry a collapsible pram (or pushchair or stroller) free of charge.
  • In most locations, the collapsible pram (or pushchair or stroller) does not have to be checked in as baggage, but can be used throughout the airport right until the aircraft doors, where one of our staff will take it from you to load it onto the aircraft. It will be returned to you upon arrival accordingly. Please check with our ground staff upon check in for more information.
  • Families with young children and infants can enjoy priority boarding, giving you time to settle in before your flight.
  • Due to the latest regulations, your children will need their own travel documents with a photo (passport) no matter what age they are. Please note, entries on your passport as the parent are not valid. If your children do not have their own travel documents (child passports, passports or ID cards) we recommend that you acquire these as soon as possible before your trip.

Infant/Child seats on an aircraft

You have the ability to take your child’s seat on board the aircraft. A separate seat is required for infants or children using a car seat (or alternative), so please be sure to book accordingly. The car seat (or alternative) must be certified as suitable for air travel / use on an airplane by at least one of the following:

  • FAA
  • JAA
  • EASA
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

The bottom of the infant seat may not exceed 40 cm x 40 cm (15.7 inches x 15.7 inches), and cannot be placed in an aisle seat or in an emergency exit row. While you are responsible for fitting the infant/child seat, our crew would be pleased to assist you.


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